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Original Kombucha Mix

Ginger, Passion Fruit & Raspberry

Enjoy the refreshing and revitalising flavours of our Kombucha with the Original Mix.

What’s inside

Mixed cases
  • 24x 250ml Cans (Ginger x8, Raspberry x8, Passion Fruit x8)

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Our Drinks

Water Kefir

Health Shot

no1 kombucha contains caffeine

Naturally caffeinated

Like any tea-based drink, it does contain caffeine, but no more than a cup of green tea.

no1 kombucha alcohol traces

Alcohol trace

As kombucha is made through a fermenting process, it does mean that it contains a very small amount of alcohol.

no1 kombucha sustainable UK drink preganancy warning

Warning for mums

Mum’s who breastfeed or women who are pregnant should be aware of the risks of drinking kombucha as it contains live cultures and bacteria.



Benefits of No.1 Living Organic Kombucha...

Our cans

The Full Kombucha Mix


Ginger Kombucha

250ml x 12

Raspberry Kombucha

250ml x 12

Passion Fruit Kombucha

250ml x 12

Cola Kombucha

250ml x 12

Lemonade Kombucha

250ml x 12