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Inspiring a taste for life and for living...


There's more to life than our drinks, but they are a sip in the right direction...

Our journey started with one man, Jonny Wilkinson, his experiences and a will to share with people a way to start living from the inside out.

No.1 is about putting our own wellbeing first. It’s the focus on the potential inside each and every 1 of us to feel more balanced and in control of how we choose to live our lives.

What we eat and drink has a profound effect upon the way our minds and our bodies work. So, when we improve the quality of what we put in, we automatically reveal more of what we’re capable of.

This is living from the inside out.


Everything is connected...

Everything we do is about inspiring people to live a happier, more fulfilled life, to enjoy it and to thrive.

Working with our bodies

We recognise that by making even the smallest of positive changes to what we eat it can help us to feel more alive.

Live through peace and compassion

We are inspired by decisions that connect us more deeply to the environment and those around us.

Reveal potential

By uncovering the joy in ourselves we access our ability to create and experience an ever-expanding life journey of ‘bigger and better’.


Our drinks embody our philosophy

As soon as we pick food from its source it starts to lose its freshness and life. The fermentation process in creating kombucha for instance, literally infuses the drink with life through live cultures and goodness.

Kombucha epitomises our advocacy for living foods and the benefits that can come from them. The taste helps you to recognise the present moment – it’s sipped, instead of swigged – it offers you a chance to stop and take the time to enjoy being alive.

No1 Kombucha healthy drink live cultures flavour ingredients

Full of flavour...

What makes our drinks different is their fantastic flavour. Not only do we put wellbeing No.1, we want everyone to enjoy our drinks – so we make great taste a priority as well.

no1 kombucha healthy drink live cultures

Full of goodness...

Though they’re refreshing and delicious, our drinks don’t compromise on the good stuff and is naturally full of live cultures.

For everyone...

Our drinks are a healthy and tasty alternative to sweet fizzy drinks, coffee or alcohol, free from artificial sweeteners and hidden nasties. It’s also dairy-free,  gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

Find out how we make our kombucha


Working to leave no trace on the world...

Just as we’ve chosen the highest quality ingredients to make our drinks taste delicious, we also choose sustainable options in materials whenever possible.

The Can

We use a BPA free can and they are infinitely recyclable

The Bottle

We use recycled amber glass for our bottles – which is not only environmentally friendly but also helps protect the valuable living cultures in our drinks.

The Label

The label is made from 100% FSC certified material.
Our labels are made from 100% post consumer waste.

The Cap

The cap is made from aluminium and therefore makes it infinitely recyclable.

This is a journey and to get to this point we've done the very best we possibly can but for us it is just a stepping stone. We do not want to leave our mark on the world, in fact, we will keep striving to leave no trace that we were ever here at all.



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