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Our Kombucha

Ginger Kombucha

250ml x 12

Raspberry Kombucha

250ml x 12

Passion Fruit Kombucha

250ml x 12

Lemonade Kombucha

250ml x 12

Cola Kombucha

250ml x 12

Our Health shots


Gut & Brain Kombucha Health Shot

60ml x 10


Gut & Immune Kombucha Health Shot

60ml x 10

Our water kefir

Lemon Water Kefir

330ml x 8

Strawberry Water Kefir

330ml x 8

Mixed cases

The Full Kombucha Mix


Original Kombucha Mix

250ml x 24

Flavours full of life and goodness...

Full of flavour and naturally rich in live cultures, our drinks inspire a taste for life and for living…

no1 kombucha taste flavour


We’ve blended real fruit juices and botanicals to create five delicious kombuchas to make our flavours quite unique.

no1 kombucha drink vegan glutan free


Our drinks are purposely crafted for everyone. They’re 100% organic, gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegans.

no1 kombucha sustainable product drink


Everything that goes into our bottles and the bottles themselves are considered with sustainability at the front of our minds.

Wake it up, don't shake it up

The rich pulp and live cultures will have settled in your drink, and fallen into a soft slumber. Gently turn the bottle upside down to reawaken and bring it all back together.

Find out more about how we make our drinks.



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